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Not accepting something claimed by science

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    I know this is a controversial topic and this isn't a religion vs evolution topic I am saying why do people think it is stupid to not accept the theory of evolution as an explanation for the development of life in the earth? I am not a biologist and I have a weak background in biology I know that it is supported by experiments and such things, my argument isn't not to accept it because it is " just a theory" like some people say I am saying even though it is possible and maybe probable I think it is not stupid not to accept it just because it goes against a person's religious views. So I am just saying I don't know for sure whether it is true ,I am not a biologist, experts on its field believe that it is true however it is possible that it isn't the only explanation for the development of life.I do know that I don't have alternative explanation yet just because I don't know it I am compelled to believe in an existing explanation if it goes against my beliefs and I don't think that this has anything to do with intelligence or stupidity it just means that the theory is not very compatible with my beliefs therefore even if I can't argue against it I should be able not to believe in it.

    So I am saying I can see how people scorn those who don't believe in it they think it is a wrong science, however, I can't see why people scorn those who disbelieve in it because it won't be beneficial nor compatible to them, what do you think?
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    1. You are using "theory" incorrectly

    2. There is evidence to support evolution

    3. There is no evidence to support any claims made by religions

    4. What other explanations are there currently being discussed that have evidence to back them up?

    5. I believe you are confusing 'evolution' with 'origins of life', but that is just based on what I have read.

    I personally don't care what anyone chooses to believe so long as you don't try to force it on me. And more specifically, don't try to argue evolution without evidence to support your claims as people do with religious beliefs regarding evolution.
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    no I am saying I know there is evidence for evolution I didnt mean evolution as origin of life I mean it as natural selection of animals I am not an expert I understand it as the more fit survives. but I am not saying I want to prove evolution wrong I am saying even though I am not able to do so, that doesnt mean it is the ultimate truth as no scientific theory is regarded as such and because it is not compatible with my religion I dont choose to accept it.
    Edit: I never said my religious views are proven however I choose to believe in them because I accept them.
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    What is compatible with your religion is irrelevant as far as I'm concerned.

    Please refer to points 2 and 3 as to why.

    As above, I don't care what people choose to believe. People may 'scorn' at what you believe because there is no evidence for it. Because there is no logical reason to believe it. But hey, people choose to ignore the facts and go with what "they know is right".
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    I am saying it doesn't have anything to do with intelligence if people scorn me because they tell me I have no proof I dont mind but I think it is wrong for someone to call another stupid because of their religious beliefs
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    I never called you stupid (although I assume you are referring to others), and now you are drifting into 'religious beliefs' as opposed to the theory of evolution, which is what we were discussing.
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    yes I am referring to others, my topic is that it is not non intelligent to not accept evolution due to religious beliefs.
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    So, you are saying it doesn't mean you aren't intelligent if you choose not to accept evolution based on religious beliefs.

    There is a difference between someone dismissing evolution simply because of their religion (I would consider them ignorant and close minded), and someone checking all the evidence and deciding evolution isn't plausible and their religion clearly has stronger evidence to support its own theory (regardless of my own feelings towards them regarding this decision, I would applaud them for making their own 'informed judgement' so to speak).
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    No I am the first yet I am not close minded I am saying evolution could have happened but I don't want to believe that it happened because it is possibly damaging to my beliefs which I hold more important than knowing how life developed, in the future an alternative explanation maybe presented which is more compatible with my beliefs, even evolution could in a slight way be compatible but I lose nothing in not believing in it however I see that I lose more if by believing in it I have to dismiss my beliefs. I accept that is a useful theory for understanding the disappearance and appearance of creatures but I don't want to believe in it as the explanation of humans existence.
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    Try and think of it like this, people may consider others 'stupid' because they chose their religious belief over evolution because there is nothing to support the religious belief and it is taken on pure faith.

    Let's use a slightly easier to understand scenario:
    Science says fire is hot and will burn.
    Religion says fire is cold and won't burn.
    Despite the overwhelming evidence to show fire is hot and does burn, people still choose to believe what the religion says. Can you see why some people would call you 'stupid' for believing such a thing? (Again, I'm not calling you stupid, i really dont care, just trying to illustrate the point)
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    yes but let say my religion says something fire is cold ( it doesnt) I interpret it that fire is hot burns but in some mysterious way I dont understand it is still cold and doesnt burn.
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    Are you hoping that your beliefs will be proven some time in the future? Otherwise you're no better off believing them than evolution. The difference is, evolution has solid proof it exists, no other theory does.

    The reason I think you have confused evolution with the origins of life is because we have proven evolution to exist and have proof that it is happening. Where as the origins of life are far more open to speculation.
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    You proved it is happening but no ultimate non questionable proof that it happened with humans.
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    Not wanting to believe in science because it goes against your religious beliefs is your personal option, it is not, however, appropriate for a thread here.
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