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Not sure if this belongs here, but if someone would be kind enough

  1. Aug 12, 2009 #1
    To add me on msn, who have pretty basic knowledge of physics grade 12 level? I haven't taken any physics at all in 2 years and Im going to university soon, I been reviewing some exam questions from the past posted by my government, however they only include the answer obviously and not how to solve it, and so certain questions stump me.

    So if someone would be kind enough to give me some tips to get in the right direction whenever I needed it on msn that would be great help me to:smile:

    My msn is oliverhuuu@hotmail.com
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    Welcome to PF, Hisoko.
    This is a teaching forum, so why not just post your specific questions in one of the 'Science Education' sub-forums? That way, others with similar needs can also benefit from the guidance provided to you.
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