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Nuclear magnetic resonance dipole dipole interaction

  1. Aug 24, 2009 #1
    Hi all:
    One system consists of two neutrons. both spin magnetic moments are 1/2. At a instant time, neutron 1 locates position 1 and neutron 2 is in position. As we know, spin magnetic moment is kind of dipole moment. They can generate magnetic field (not electric field). The interaction can be described by m1*m2/r^3. m1/m2 stand for spin magnetic moment of spin1 and spin2. My question is that:
    1)How fast spin2 can "feel" the magenetic field generated by spin1 when spin1 keep changing position due to thermal fluctuation?

    Because spin1 moves at all times, spin2 see a continual change of magnetic field.
    2) Is the change of magnetic field inducing the transition on spin2 if spin2 is in a fixed position?

    3) Is the interaction between change of magnetic field and spin2 magnetic moment still dipole dipole interaction?

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