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Observational evidence for bottom-up structure formation

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    I know that the only dark matter models consistant with the cosmic microwave background radiation require bottom-up structure formation, but all of the relevant press releases I've read are about finding surprisingly large/mature structures in the early universe. Do the same telescopes/experiments also find many places after reionization where galaxy clusters or superclusters clearly hadn't formed yet, but decided they weren't worth reporting about (or they reported them and I didn't find those reports)? Also, what observations do we have of bottom-up structure formation actually occurring over time, rather than observations of the CMB or modern universe that just constrain current models?
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    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't radio telescopy discovering that the universe is spanned by vast filaments, which then create the stars and galaxies at the intersections?

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    According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Structure_formation , that did happen, but those filaments formed bottom-up as the first stars and galaxies were pulled towards each other.

    Sorry if I made the question sound more complicated than it was; I guess a simpler way of asking it is what evidence do we have of bottom-up structure formation other than the cosmic microwave background radiation.
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