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Obtaining the CDSA range of Bethe-Bloch Equation

  1. Apr 27, 2008 #1
    I'm currently working on my junior project (it's basically a senior project, but for some reason you're supposed to take it third year), which is to measure the energy distribution of cosmic muons. We're doing this by measuring the muon flux that reaches a scintillator paddle below a stack of lead and varying the size of the stack of lead. Of course we're using the Bethe-Bloch equation. Now I've found in both a book from the library and chapter 27 of the PDG's works that there is no working model for the [tex]0.01 \leq \beta \leq 0.05 [/tex] range, so in the equation

    The values for [tex]R_0[/tex] and [tex]T_{min}[/tex] are empirically determined. So is there anyway I can find these value? Any help at all? Thanks.

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