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Oddly Shaped Indentations in Snow

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    We found these odd shaped indentations on a step outside the house during the last snowfall (we live in south eastern Ohio). There are no tracks leading up to them to indicate an animal cause. The only explanation we've been able to come up with is icicles that fell and melted, but the edges are so distinct that even seems unlikely. There was nothing on the step prior to the snowfall (i.e. solid object, salt, etc)

    Any ideas?

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    It does look like a long piece of ice fell off and broke making the zig zag pattern. The speckles are quite common, I get that effect all of the time from dripping icicles.
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    Maybe there is heating underneath the steps?
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    Just slush falling off the eaves...that's why there are no icicles.
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    I agree. The total leingth of indentation sections is approximately the length of the step.
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    This also reminds me of chunks of wet snow falling off of overhead power lines.
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