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(ODE45) problem of solving laser rate equation

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    I want to simulate the reference’s passive Q switch process. The reference is
    Shengzhi Zhao, Lei Chen, Hongming Zhao, Guiqiu Li, Lu Zhang, Kejian Yang. Laser–diode-pumped passively Q-switched Nd3+:NaY(WO4)2 laser with GaAs saturable absorber. Optics & Laser Technology 37 (2005) 187–191.
    I used ODE45 to solve this problem, but the result was not agreed with the reference.I have described the problem in a .doc file in detail. Could anyone help me to solve this problem?

    The reference, matlab script file and function were also included in the attached files.

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    Somebody can not open this .doc file, so I changed this file again. The file is attached.

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