What is Rate: Definition and 1000 Discussions

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  1. S

    A How to do Convergent-Close Coupling (CCC)

    Is there an online source where I can learn how to calculate cross-sections and rates using CCC? More specifically, I want to calculate the dissociation rate of the molecular hydrogen ion due to electrons and ions, but I don't know how to do it numerically. Is there a resource available where I...
  2. N

    Related rates problem for the dimensions of a cylinder

    TL;DR Summary: related rates problem The radius of a cylinder is increasing at a constant rate of 3 meters per minute. The volume remains a constant 1115 cubic meters. At the instant when the height of the cylinder is 44 meters, what is the rate of change of the height?
  3. S

    B Relative rate of clock ticks on the radius of a rotating disc

    Currently reading Einstein's booklet on SR and GR. At this point SR has been explained but GR hasn't been introduced yet. The setup is like this: ##A## is present in an inertial reference frame and looking down on a flat rotating disc. ##B## is sitting on the edge of that disc, ##C## is sitting...
  4. forkforkbananadoodle

    Benzyl Chloride Reactivity: Examining Stability & Rate

    Although Ethyl chloride has more alpha hydrogens, cation formed by Benzyl chloride would show resonance and therefore show higher stability and faster rate, shouldn't that be more reactive?
  5. L

    Calculating flow rate when emptying liquid from a closed-top tank

    I can imagine the experiment: the pressure at the surface will drop while the tank is emptying (if no air bubbles enter through the evacuation of course, otherwise it restores the pressure atm at the surface). The flow speed decreases as a function of time until the external pressure maintains a...
  6. G

    Chemistry Consumption rate of a reactant

    Hello, I have a doubt in an exercise about rate of reaction. The statement is quoted above and the reaction scheme is the following: As the reaction is second order, I tried to apply the formula r = k*C^2. Where r = rate of reaction k = rate constant C = concentration So, I got: r =...
  7. H

    A What’s the meaning of decay rate in optical Bloch equations?

    i have some questions about decay rate. 1:why do we need decay rate in these equations? 2:is it a constant for a specific medium? 3:it can be changed with respect to some conditions like temprature or pressure? 4:how can i know the decay rate of some energy levels in 85Rubidium
  8. D

    Rate of cooling of aluminum parts after a glycol heat process

    I work for an aerospace supplier across different departments. I was recently shown how the production workers straighten aluminum parts after a glycol heat solutionizing process. The aluminum parts undergo a heat treatment for a few hours and are quenched in glycol. I can't get too in-depth...
  9. C

    Poiseuille equation for water flow rate

    For this problem, The mains water pressure at the council tubby (just before it enters a house) is of the order of 1.5 bar. Using Poiseuille equation, estimate the flow rate in a typical home at the kitchen tap. You will need to make reasonable estimates on several parameters, clearly state...
  10. S

    Rate of loss of potential energy

    I got answer for (a), which is 0.51 m For (b), loss of potential energy = 35 x 9.81 x 0.51 = 175 J Rate of loss of potential energy = 175 J / 1 s = 175 W But the answer key is 80 W. Where is my mistake? Thanks
  11. Frank Wappler

    A Solving "const. K" in Gourgoulhon's SR in General Frames

    In sect. 2.3.2 "Ideal Clock", p. 33, of É. Gourgoulhon's text book on "Special Relativity in General Frames" $$ \tau_C [ \, \text{tick}_{j}, \text{tick}_{(j + N)} \, ] = K_C \, N. $$ (equation (2.11); notation adapted.) The only other reference to this "constant K" is on the following page...
  12. S

    Does the gravitational rate of acceleration increase within a planet?

    Example: The radius of the Earth is 6371 km. It has an average density of 5.5 g/cm3. Earth's inner core has the highest density at 12.9 g/cm3 [more than double the average]. Its surface gravity is measured in units of acceleration, which, in the SI system, are meters per second squared. It may...
  13. physicsclaus

    How to calculate gating time from the rate of the random coincidence?

    Hello everyone, I am now doing experiment related to quantum erasure. After plotting the correlation measurement with and without blocking one of the polarization from the SPDC source (say, V polarization), I do not know how to work further on the gating time from the rate of the random...
  14. bob012345

    I The Effect of Wind on the Rate an Outside Spigot Freezes

    Suppose one forgot to protect outside water spigots against below freezing winter air. If there is a stiff wind, will, as I think, the spigot freeze sooner than if the air is calm at the same temperature? Also, wouldn't the case of calm air actually be more complicated to model because the...
  15. J

    Calculating Output Pressure for 15L N2/min

    Hello, i’m not good in physics so I came here for help. I have a high pressured gas tank (200 bars) and a flow rate regulator. I need to release 15L of nitrogen per minute, but my regulator only measures output pressure between 0 and 400 bars (0 - 6000 psi). How do I measure the output pressure...
  16. tracker890 Source h

    Question about source flow rate across line AB.

    Q:Please hlep me to understand which ans is correct.To determine the flow rate in Line AB. $$\mathrm{Known}:V_A,q,r_A = constant.$$ so/ select:## A,{B}^{\text{'}},B,A,## is control volume $${Q}_{AB}={Q}_{A{B}^{\text{'}}}=\iint _{A}^{}({V}_{A})dA={\int }_{{\theta }_{A}}^{{\theta...
  17. tracker890 Source h

    Question about flow rate in the source flow

    Please help me to understand what wrong with method 2. ref.Flowrate Between Streamlines (Thank you for your time and consideration.)
  18. Mr Fallspring

    I Double-Slit Experiment: Does rate of photon emission matter?

    Hi there! High school physics teacher hoping to pick the brains of people who know more than I do here. I'm curious whether the rate of photon emission has any noticeable effect on the diffraction pattern generated by the double-slit experiment. To be clear: I understand a diffraction pattern...
  19. D

    Effect of HCl on NaCl crystallization rate

    I came across a book that said if you add HCl (acid) to a saturated NaCl solution, then the crystallization process of that salt will be accelerated. Is this true, and if so, how? Edit: As it is with these things, I find the solution immediately after making this post. Here is a youtube video:
  20. A

    A The name of the process underlying distributons with a hazard rate

    In the exponential distribution, the hazard rate is constant. The hazard rate does of course not always have to be constant, but can also be a function of time, which then leads to different distributions. But my question is: what is the stochastic process called that underlies this type of...
  21. W

    I Relationship between geometry and expansion rate

    As I understand it, the flatness problem of Bob Dicke, says a flat universe in unstable and so has to be set very precisely in the early universe to give us the flat universe we see today. Is this the same problem as saying the expansion rate had to be finely tuned and if so how are the two...
  22. R

    B Calculating Defects Outside Specification Limits?

    Hi All Assuming normal distribution I am trying to understand how to calculate the expected number of defects I would get from given specification limits. For example assume a process mean of 51 and a standard deviation of 0.75 with a lower specification limit of 48.5 and a higher...
  23. C

    I Do objects of differing mass fall at the same rate in a magnetic field?

    Gravity isn't a force in the strictest sense of the word, yet magnetism is exactly that: a force. As is strong, EW, etc. Therefore, it's possible that the more massive magnetic object gets drawn to the center of a magnetic source at a faster rate than the less massive magnetic object. Discuss!
  24. B

    I Flow rate calculation of coating application

    Dear all, I'm currently working on a basic coating application and I'm struggling to get the flow rate stable. I'm trying to figure out how to calculate the theoretical flow rate in the application. The coating is stored in a pressure tank, which we put on an overpressure of 15psi. From the...
  25. blinkz303

    How to calculate the leak rate based on pressure drop

    I am currently working on a project trying to calculate leak rate and fluid loss from pressurised vessels filled with water over a time period of 30 minutes. So far I have used the Boyles Law which assumes that PV/T = constant which gets us P1 * V1 = P2 * V2 and PdV+VdP = 0 I formed this over to...
  26. RealityMechanics

    Determining Reverse Mass Flow Rate Formula for Multiple Diameter Tubes

    Alright, this is more of a conceptual question than a HW question that will nonetheless help me design something. In the attached image, air is flowing through a large area tube and then a small area tube from right to left. A collaborator previously figured out the equation for measuring the...
  27. Fred Wright

    Sound card sampling rate 1.2msps?

    I am designing an experiment for pam-ook which acquires a radio audio signal to the mic input of my laptop. I process the signal using c++ code employing an audio library (PortAudio) which provides the data stream. I require a sampling rate of 1.2msps but the sound card in my laptop has a...
  28. C

    I Calculating Collection Rate Error in Labs

    Hi all, I'm having a bit hard time performing error calculations on one of the lab results I got. The lab dealt with finding collection rate of a certain material onto a wire. While inside a vial, the wire was soaked in the material for a specific period of time. Then the wire was taken out of...
  29. C

    Transition Rate Matrix for 5 Processing Units

    Summary: The transition rate matrix for a problem where there are 5 Processing Units A computer has five processing units (PU’s). The lifetimes of the PU’s are independent and have the Exp(µ) law. When a PU fails, the computer tries to reconfigure itself to work with the remaining PU’s. This...
  30. chwala

    Find the rate of increase of the radius of the pool

    My approach is as follows; ##\dfrac{dr}{dt}=\dfrac{dr}{da}⋅\dfrac{da}{dt}## ##\dfrac{dr}{da}=\dfrac{1}{2πr}## ##\dfrac{dr}{dt}=\dfrac{1}{2πr}⋅15## ##\dfrac{dr}{dt}=\dfrac{7.5}{πr}## and noting that ##r= \sqrt{\dfrac {50}{π}}## ##\dfrac{dr}{dt}=\dfrac{7.5}{12.533}=0.598## cm/s *kindly note...
  31. wruehl1

    Calculating fill rate if pressure delta, volume, and time are known?

    I am looking for an equation that I can use to compute L/min or mL/min for a 480cc vessel going from 150bar to 250bar with a fill time of 6min. Sensors for flow rate at these pressures are hard to find, but I thought there might be a way to work this out with the parameters known. An equation...
  32. A

    Inconsistent flow rate measurements of an engine diesel fuel

    I am measuring the volumetric flow rate of a diesel fuel using "Turbines" flow meter, both in the supply and return fuel lines of an industrial diesel engine (https://www.cat.com/en_US/products/new/power-systems/industrial/industrial-diesel-engines/18398034.html – coupled with a generator for...
  33. F

    MHB Rate problem....Am I in the right direction

    a. Emily works in the canteen and sells on average 16 Banana milkshakes, 13 baked macaronis, 5 Cauliflower Fried Rices, 25 Blueberry Muffins in one break. Each break at the cafeteria is 30-min-long. How long is it likely to take Emily to sell 50 Banana Milk Shakes, 34 Baked Macaronis, 25...
  34. samy4408

    Medical Hello, I found a weird sentence in a book about enzymes....

    Hello ! We all now that enzymes lower the activation energy by creating both covalent bonds and week non covalent bonds , in this book , about how the enzyme lower the activation energy using covalent bonds they said : this sentence is not compatible with a basic principle that i learned in...
  35. M

    MHB Simple Distance, Rate, Time Problem

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong... Problem: Sisters Helen and Anne live 332 miles apart. For Thanksgiving, they met at their other sister’s house partway between their homes. Helen drove 3.2 hours and Anne drove 2.8 hours. Helen’s average speed was four miles per hour faster than Anne’s. Find...
  36. samy4408

    Integrated Rate Law for 2nd Order Reactions

    hello i have a question about kinetics : to have the integrated rate law for second order reaction the professor write the following why we don't write the rate like this : rate = -1/2(d[1]/dt) ? why we ignore the stoichiometric coefficient ?
  37. C

    Photon Arrival Rate, Chapter 1.5 from Computer Graphics by Folly

    I've been reading Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice by Folly and I've encountered the following paragraph in chapter 1.5. I haven't understood how he got to the result in the following calculation, that if there exists a single 100W light bulb, emitting an order of ## 10^{12} ##...
  38. C

    Why is current defined as the rate of change of charge?

    Homework Statement:: This isn't a homework question but just a theoretical questions. [mentor’s note: moved to a more appropriate forum for theoretical questions.] I know that current is defined as the rate of change of charge per unit time. i = dq/dt This makes sense for a capacitor which...
  39. Zuzana

    I Standard deviation and count rate

    Hello, I watched MIT course on Nuclear physics (13. Practical Radiation Counting Experiments on ytb) and I do not understand why 2*sigma (standard deviation) = 0.05* countRate. As far as I know, integral of normal distribution from -2sigma to 2 sigma gives 95 % probability, but how can 2*sigma...
  40. P

    I Calculate the internal pressure of a tube based on flow rate

    I have pump of unknown flowrate pumping water through a tube of length L and diameter D. I know that the flowrate of water exiting the tube is X mL/min. I would like to know the internal pressure of the tubing, how can I calculate it? This all occurs at sea level elevation.
  41. shivajikobardan

    MHB Read Access & Presentation Rate in Multimedia

    source-: http://ce.sharif.ir/courses/84-85/2/ce342/resources/root/BOOK/Multimedia/215814- Chapter 16.pdf page number 7 Questions-: 1) What is read access? 2) What is presentation rate? 3) In fast forward, some data units are skipped but the valid life span for each frame is not changed...
  42. O

    Engineering Mass flow rate as a function of time

    At first, I inputted h(t), of which I solved for, into the mass flow rate formula. So it looked something like this, m-dot(t) = -(density)*[sqrt(g*(H-(g*d^4*t^2/D^4)]*(pi/4)*d^2 But I don't think that's right? Any thoughts?
  43. H

    KE of photo-electron and nominal interest rate

    Einstein's formula for kinetic energy of a photo electron is $$ KE = h\nu - \phi$$ $$ h\nu = KE + \phi$$ Which basically says whatever energy you provide through radiation, a part of it will be used (but I would like to say 'wasted') in overcoming the work-function (that is in cajoling that...
  44. Hananism

    How do we calculate the desorption rate in this case?

    Solution attempt: The teacher told us to use the equation 2Ddt to calculate that average distance. (D: diffusion coefficient that will be calculated by the Arrhenius formula, d: dimentionality of the system, and t: is the time before the desorption of the molecule) The thing is, the time t...
  45. D

    Relation between enthelpy of sublimation and rate of sublimation?

    Hello, I am running experiments where materials are heated at high temperatures during tens of hours under high-vacuum conditions. Since what I am investigating lies in the first hundreds of nanometers of the materials, I must take into account (and anticipate) surface sublimation. Therefore I...
  46. D

    I Limits confusion -- What is meant by "instantaneous rate of change"?

    Suppose a particle is falling under the pull of gravity, the distance it has fallen is given by s=16t^2.Suppose we wish to find the instantaneous speed at t=1. Find the average speed between t=1 and t=1+h where h is any real number except 0. Distance traveled/Time it takes to travel the distance...
  47. S

    B Clock Ticking in Gravitational Well: Observation Rate

    I was wondering what someone standing far away from a planet with mass would see if he drops a clock towards the mass. And then vice versa if I was standing on the planet, what would I see. would I see the clock tick fast and then slow as it approaches? Thanks!
  48. S

    Looking to create a temperature rate of rise table for air

    How did you find PF?: Google l was asked how hot would our IT space get if we lost all air conditioning. The space is 20' x 15' x 10', We keep set point at 70 F and have 80 kW of load. Assuming this exists in a well insulate container with 20 racks of equipment. Doesn't have to be perfect but...
  49. E

    Theoretical reaction rate for water electrolysis

    So I'm designing a proces where carbondioxide is converted into methane using the Sabatier reaction. For this reaction hydrogen is required which I'm planning on producing using the electrolysis of water. But I'm having a problem where I need the speed of this reaction to determine the size of...
  50. A

    Coolant Mass Flow Rate Through Subchannel in Nuclear Fuel Assembly

    I am trying to find the mass flow rate of coolant through a channel within a hexagonal nuclear fuel assembly. I am given the specific heat of the fluid, the coolant inlet and outlet temperatures, the total power produced by a single fuel pin, the diameter of the fuel pin, the length of the fuel...