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Odor absorbtion of baking soda

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    I do not understand why baking soda is a good absorber of odors. Is it like activated charcoal or something? The reason I ask is because I have patch of odor in my carpet and someone suggested sprinkling baking soda on it. I just do not see this working. Also I have a carpet cleaning machine so could I put some baking soda into the solution and use it that way? Or does it have to be in powder form?

    Thank you

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    Baking soda is weakly alkaline, hence it can react with odors with acidic origins and neutralize them. You could put in water to use.
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    Well I used a lot of ammonia on the carpet so if that did not work I guess the baking soda won't either. How does it absorb odors from your fridge by just putting an open box in there?

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