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On posting equations, identities, etc.

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    Theory is broad and can be subjective so it makes sense that 'personal theories' (or in most cases 'conjecture at best') are not allowed on PF however mathematics is proof based so how does that violate our terms of use? Perhaps I am missing something?
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    The rules are clear, if it's not published in a standard textbook or in a journal, then it's not allowed. Exceptions can always be made of course if the mentors give their explicit consent.

    I don't want hundreds of people giving "proofs" for Fermat's last theorem or "counterexamples" for Cantor's diagonalization argument. So if it hasn't appeared in mainstream sources, then it's not allowed.
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    Okay, so you suggest the issue is in that we will get too 'cluttered' in the process and that is the problem. PF has been around for awhile so I would imagine there is 'case' history for such things?
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    Yes, there is.
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    That is too bad, it would seem reducing some minor clutter would take backseat to the progress of provable ideas but then again this is just a forum.

    Thanks for the input.
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    See, this is a common mistake. The goal of this forum is not to advance science and mathematics. That's what academic journals are for. Even if we were to allow new theories here, there wouldn't be any new theory in math or physics that would need an internet forum.

    Our goal is to help people (students, laymen,...) understand current and mainstream science.

    Read also this: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=617567#post4664231
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    It doesn't seem a mistake to see the Physics Forum has the potential to be more.

    I have read it and understand the point but Math is not 'theory'. There is no arguing a Proof.
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    No meaningful scientific content will ever be developed on an internet forum. If we allow personal theories, then the only thing we will get are crackpots.

    That's very idealistic of you. But you should definitely read up on the history of mathematics then. There have been plenty of arguments about whether a proof was valid. Mathematicians criticized eachother all the time.
    Even now, there are plenty of arguments about proofs: https://www.math.columbia.edu/~woit/wordpress/?p=6514
    And there have been plenty of proofs which were wrong: http://mathoverflow.net/questions/3...hematical-results-that-were-later-shown-wrong

    It is best to deal with new proofs and new mathematical theories in professional math journals and not in an internet forum.
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    If an idea is shown to be wrong then it was never Proven to begin with. It seems doubtful Physics Forum would see many cases where it would be difficult to differentiate.
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    We have a 'line in the sand' which is good for Theory but it seems time to extend it for Proofs.
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    You have received your answer.
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