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Online Oscilloscope simulation

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    I like to share with you a virtual lab with Oscilloscope tool.
    Here you go:

    and here is an example:
    http://www.dcaclab.com/ar/circuits-lessons/%D9%85%D8%B1%D8%B3%D9%85%D8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B0%D8%A8%D8%B0%D8%A8%D8%A7%D8%AA-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A3%D8%B3%D9%84%D9%88%D8%B3%D9%83%D9%88%D8%A8-476 [Broken]

    its an online tool for AC DC simulation, I would like to hear your feedback!

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    Neat so far, just playing with some basic circuits. I especially like how the diodes cause you to lose power half the time, good work!

    Is this Java?
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    the original source code is written in Java by Paul Falstad http://www.falstad.com/circuit/" [Broken] , I re-wrote it to power my swf-based UI, which runs in Flash Player, with more realistic artwork of components& meters ..
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    here is a cool example for a working two Oscilloscopes

    http://www.dcaclab.com/ar/circuits-lessons/oscilloscope-example-478 [Broken]
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