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Online electric circuits simualtor

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    If you are a student and interested in electric circuits or an instructor who is wishing to test certain electric circuits to prepare lessons, I would like to show you a new web project for online circuits simulation, its DC/AC Lab, its a flex based project that is capable of building DC circuits, you can build circuits with batteries, resistors, wires and other components, then the simulator will compute Volt, Amper, Ohm between at any component or connections nodes at board.

    Please check it here: ( flash 10 required, less than 2 minutes to load the lab )


    I will be glad to hear your opinions and ideas as well.

    Kind Regards,
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    Very cool! Do you have plans for adding more components?
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    well, i am thinking to expand the tool, to simulate LED, and AC as well,
    the main advantage is that it works online, i tried to make the light bulb realistic too :-)

    do you know a good way to publicize the tool over the web ? i will try to add a forum to the website too.

    p.s: users can enter new lessons and save their circuits, did you try to create an account ?

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    This is very AWESOME !!
    I love this tool

    You must add more components
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