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OSx and IE6

  1. Aug 30, 2006 #1
    I have recently changed my world view and bought a Macbook (on Intel) :surprised :surprised :surprised

    Im not a Mac bigot nor will I ever be, however I am happy with my new laptop, its really fast, the hardware/cost is good and OSx is a good OS. (I like the opensource feel, dawrin ports etc)

    Anyway, I have a small question for any OSx buffs out there, I would like to run IE6 with Active-X Natively. I have Parallels installed and could boot XP and run IE that way (virtually). But I have been reading up on Darwine and seemingly you can run M$ apps within a Darwin environment. Anybody got any experience with this?

    I need Active-x running too, which I *think* might be rather difficult within OSX
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    For anyone who is interested, active-x just aint going to work outside of an M$ environment. I tried a multitude of things from darwine, to crossover. Eventually I just loaded up xp virtually.
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