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Pair production - which theory does it belong to

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    I am wondering in which theory pair productioon is described? Is it field theory, particle physics or quantum physics? I am sorry for such a basic question, but i need this info to find some books which will explain pair production mathematically and not by waving hands... (like allover the web)

    Thank you.
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    Quantum field theory
    This is a field theory, it is a quantum theory, and (nearly?) all calculations in particle physics use quantum field theory.
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    Would you recomend any books for pair production?
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    It would depend on how deeply you want to get into it. Judging by the work you did and the questions you were asking in this thread, you'll get a long ways just by knowing two things:
    1) Pair production obeys all the conservation laws.
    2) The relativistic energy-momentum relationship: [itex]E^2 = (pc)^2 + (mc^2)^2[/itex]
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    Actually this is so called scattering theory. This is indeed a subdivision of QFT.
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    Could you write down in my other topic, how i could use this equation? To achieve same ##h \nu## which i get by conservation of energy and conservation of momentum.
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