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Does Pair Production proving quantum nature?

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    I have started studying Quantum Mechanics on my own and I had a question that I am stuck on. I apologize if it's too basic or if someone else asked it
    I understand what Pair Production is, but the source I am learning it from is saying that Pair production, is another way to prove the Quantum nature of light, just like the Compton scattering. could someone elaborate on how Pair Production proves the quantum nature of light?
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    You will get better and more helpful answers if you can tell us what the source you're learning from is.
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    There is a basic quantum mechanic class on udemy.com by a physicist called Marco Masi
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    First of all, you need to realize that in physics, and in science in general, there is no such thing as "proof" the same way we have logical proofs in mathematics. We have "compelling evidence" and "strong evidence" that are consistent with some description, idea, concept, theory, etc. But there are no proofs.

    Secondly, I don't quite see how pair production is a compelling evidence for the quantum nature of light. I would think that the which-way experiment is a strong, more compelling evidence, and definitely more direct, than pair production.

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    I like your first point. I will keep that in mind
    Your second point is exactly what I am thinking. I had trouble understanding how the pair creation is evidence for the quantum nature.
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