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Paralized woman walks! Even runs! from the police

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    http://famulus.msnbc.com/famulusgen/reuters05-11-152044.asp?t=renew&vts=51120061532 [Broken]

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Ah what a world
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    awesome. :biggrin:

    you can actually test if shes faking it...
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    quite sad story. :(
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    You think California has problems?

    I've heard recent estimates that fraud and mismanagement could be costing the state $2-4 billion/yr.

    New York Medicaid Fraud May Reach Into Billions
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    Makes you wonder what they mean by "properly funding health care" :rolleyes:
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    it's nice to see that pengwuino's mom made the news, again. Be a good son and bail her out on mothers day.

    yomama, I think you know what to do.....
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    I think I know what the cure to cancer is.
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