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PARI/GP or comparable number theory program?

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    i'm trying to find a version of PARI or PARI/GP or a comparable number theory program that will run on my MacBook Pro.
    if anyone knows of a site with an updated version or an emulator that will get older versions of PARI working on my computer or newer and better software for testing out long complex functions that generate very large numbers please let me know
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    Pari-GP is now a 'package' that has been incorporated into Sage, a free symbolic algebra system. See sagemath.org

    Alternatively, Pari GP is still available for download and will work on your MacBook Pro. The installation is a bit fiddly though.
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    I'd say Sage is probably better, since it's newer, has a GUI, and contains more than just PARI/GP. But if you really want PARI/GP, you probably can just build it from source. Have you tried building it yourself?

    Extract http://pari.math.u-bordeaux.fr/pub/pari/unix/pari-2.5.1.tar.gz [Broken] in a folder and run:
    Code (Text):

    $ cd [folder]
    $ ./Configure
    $ make
    # make install
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