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Past Underachiever. Present Starving College Student.

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    Hello! I joined Physics Forums as I've gotten through the first stages of a very tough sophomore physics class and have decided I a) don't want to die and b) still want to do this.

    Short bio - I worked in retail for more than ten years all the way up to running my own 40000 square foot store (as a GM - not an owner) with about 60 employees. After that length of time and deciding it was beneath my intellectual ability, I decided to return to school to pursue something that drives me. I am currently studying to earn a bachelor's in physics before pursuing grad school for astrophysics. I was raised Catholic (am far from that now), so the school's investment in science and math were minimal, to say the least. My curiosity was never fed - so I'm a late bloomer that did not have terribly nerdy beginnings.

    I'm here because the class I'm in promotes self-learning and while I think my instructors are semi-approachable, I have a research-driven attitude towards discovery so I sometimes will reach out more for confirmation of an idea than for "help me with my homework."

    Thanks in advance and I hope to contribute once I get more physics under me.
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    Welcome to PF! Great to have you!
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