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Path Superposition Vs Entanglement Superposition

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    "Path (or single particle)" Superposition Vs Entanglement Superposition

    "Path" superposition
    1. Single photon/particle.....say going through a double slit

    Entanglement superposition
    1. Creation of two entangled photons

    Path superposition

    - 1 particle....superposition of multiple paths
    - one (particle) to many (paths)

    Entanglement superposition

    - two particles described by the same wavefunction
    - many (particles) to one (wavefunction)

    also "paths" can interfere, entangled particles don't interfere

    Is entanglement really superposition or complimentary to superposition?
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    Both entanglement and superposition are simply an outcome of the vector space structure of QM - but they are different things.

    Suppose you have two systems that can be in state |a> and |b> then possible states are |a>|b> and |b>|a>. This is from the vector space structure. From the same structure you can have a superposition ie c1|a>|b> + c2|b>|a>. The systems are entangled.

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    Well answered. Thanks Bill
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