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PE license with physics/math degree

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    Currently right now I switched from electrical engineering to physics/math double major (both applied and pure mathematics), and currently am a junior. I never really liked engineering, and I only did it because my parents insisted that it was a better career option (pay wise).

    Now I want to work as a physicist ( leaning towards theoretical), but just wondering can someone with a physics/math degree get a PE license. I just need a straight answer because I have asked numerous advisers in my university (which is accredited), but to my knowledge i believe it depends on what state you are in ( I am in Florida).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    So what did the advisers tell you?
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    To my disbelief, they said they didn't know.

    I can understand if my physics adviser didn't know, but my engineering one said I should be able to find the answer online.

    I have search online for PE licence requirements in florida and nothing has come up.
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    Read http://www.fbpe.org/userfiles/file/Chapter%20471.pdf [Broken], especially 471.013 and 471.015. And the fact that the advisors told you that just makes me cringe.
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    Thanks! This was exactly was I was looking for.
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