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People's lifetime work satisfaction

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    I always satisfy myself being in the field of science, with the reason, in my opinion, the main or ultimate aim of humans is to understand the "un-understood" matters (problems) of the universe. People can understand repairing dead bodies or getting their body parts repaired by any means of their scientific research (life time work). By this they can become immortal and continue unveiling the answers of, who we are? who made us? etc. I carry this as my motivation to be in science field.

    Some of them like to do work in the non-science fields, they will have their own motivation, I want to know their motivation and satisfaction? I want to know only those satisfactions which are of great intense than becoming immortal physically by their life time work, so that I can adopt them in my life. Thank you.
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    People find motivation in many different ways:

    Excelling at whatever they do
    Helping others
    Gaining wealth; personally or for family
    Making their family and peers proud
    Having fun

    Those are just a few very general options. Personally the motivation I have in my career is the desire to discover, create and help others. You can find a mix of all those listed above though.
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    But, I expected the motivation of greater intense than the motivation of getting physically immortal. We have lot to discover in this world, and we should give preference to those which helps us stay alive. Yes, if we discover or create in the field of other interest, it is useful, but doesn't help you continue the research after your expiry date!
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    Vinay080, I don't think anyone wants to get into a debate about what field is the best or most logical to pursue.

    Remember also that not everyone has the choice to do what they would prefer to be doing. And studying in your field of choice won't always make you happy. The paths that people follow result from a combination of necessity, choice and opportunity.

    There are lots of examples on these boards of people who would prefer to be working in physics or mathematics, but have instead pursued careers in other areas such as finance or engineering. And they're happy doing that - at least some of them.

    Personally I think most people are happy when they have a sense of purpose and importance. You don't have to be working on the "ultimate" problem to have this sense of purpose. Sometimes you can get it simply from solving a problem that you know you'll be able to solve, or at least have a good shot at. Sometimes you can get it from producing something that no one else can produce, or even something that lots of other people have produced, but that you recognize requires a certain level of skill to do.

    I mean, why would someone learn to play Stairway to Heaven on the guitar? That activity won't make them any closer to being immortal. But it just might allow them to bring some beauty into the world.
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