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    Lifetime of an oil filter compressor

    Hi, I'm doing an internship about mechanical maintenance. I have come to a problem that is a bit over my head. The problem was also discussed by a few process engineers but they did not come with a good solution. So, the oil filter is part of a biogas compressor. The biogas comes from the...
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    I Heisenberg - Uncertainty principle - lifetime of a particle

    I have seen that the more a particle has a high energy, i.e ##E##, the more its lifetime is short, respecting so the uncertainty principle. But by the definition of this uncertainty principle : ##E\,\Delta t \geq \dfrac{\hbar}{2}##, I can write : ##\Delta t \geq \dfrac{\hbar}{2E}##, then...
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    Mass of Hydrogen needed to determine lifetime of proton

    Homework Statement The current limit on the proton’s lifetime is determined by observing a large body of water for a long time and noticing that no one of the hydrogen nuclei in H2O have decayed. Assuming that the experiment making this measurement has been going on for 10 years, how many tons...
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    How many times does an average protein fold?

    Does anyone know how many times would an average protein fold in its lifetime? And how long do proteins live on average? Also, another quick question, somewhat related, any knowledge on how many "cascades" of different proteins making a conformational change on different new proteins can there...