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Hi f(r)iends! I was wondering if any of you knew a place I could practice my Algebra II and Trigonometry - some place that had a *LOT* of practice problems (and, of course, answers).

I don't know about you guys, but for me, understanding the concepts aren't hard, it's being able to do any of the problems faster than you can say conjugate. I remedy this by (in my Algebra II class, for instance) doing all the problems my book has for that section, and checking in the back of the book to see if I got them right (odd only, sadly). The problem is, there are only 30-40 problems (so only 20 I can check), and I want more, dang it!

So do you guys know of a website, or a book I could buy, or something which has lots and lots (and lots) of practice problems for Algebra (II) and Trigonometry? Any step in the right direction would be very much appreciated. Thanks guys!


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Books with questions, i.e. exercises can easily be found on the internet, e.g.
For practice and solutions use our homework forums, but don't forget to tell us what you have done to solve it. A solution automaton is no good idea. It will only help you in the moment. In order to learn something from practising, you better do fewer, but correct exercises which you understood. If you need help, ask us!

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