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Perimeter Scholars Lecture Archive

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    I'm not necessarily sure if anyone has posted this archive of Perimeter Scholars International Lectures but I suppose that if it has or hasn't they'll serve as a distinctive and quantitative approach to understanding rigorous and advanced physics topics.

    The link is the following: http://pirsa.org/C09021/1

    The subject matter incorporated in these lectures includes the following (each topic has set of approximately 10 videos):

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    Thanks for posting this. Not only the Perimeter Scholars series, but the whole PIRSA is a great resource. In fact people here have many times giving individual links to selected PIRSA lecture videos that they thought were especially pertinent, but you are the first person to copy in a whole part of the menu.

    PIRSA, in case anyone has not used it before, is Perimeter Institute Recorded Seminar Archive.

    It has videos of some 5 years of talks (at least that I think) and also PDF files of the lecture notes, which are sometimes easier to scan through.

    You can search the PIRSA archive by topic, by special conference/workshop name, by author/speaker name, and by title. E.g. find all talks by Etera Livine, or by Laurent Freidel, or by Leonard Susskind.

    Anyone who finds something they think is especially good in PIRSA, if it relates to this forum topics, please share the link!

    I check this:
    (at least) a couple of times a week for new stuff I might be interested in.
    It has a "catch up" feature where you can scan all the new stuff that came in since you looked last time.
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    I thought I would put this on the front page again because I think it's an amazing resource that shouldn't be ignored.
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    Hi Kevin

    Thanks for the great resource.
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    The curriculum has recently changed and the videos regarding Supergravity/Supersymmetry as well as Conformal Field Theory aren't posted in www.PIRSA.org/C09021/1 - www.PIRSA.org/C09021/38. They will likely update it once the 2010=2011 program is over, or at Christmas.
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    Also, similar to that, there is the analogous version from the advanced institute of studies in Princeton: http://video.ias.edu/PiTP2008

    Perhaps you have seen it somewhere, but so far it's interesting to see the lectures by Schwarz on superstring theory ;)

    I think they upgrade the conferences videos yearly, so there must be the 2009 and 2010 (maybe not yet) sites.
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    Wow, thanks for the link Kevin, that's whay more handy when it comes to watch these lectures!
    I think I will watch some of these this Christmas.
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