1. astroman707

    Other What's your note taking method in physics classes?

    Upon entering my first physics class, I've noticed that taking notes is radically different than in any other class. It seems that during lecture one has two options. Option 1: Don't take very many notes at all, and instead focus on the lecture. Option 2: Take good notes, and miss what the...
  2. Q

    I Ben Schumacher - Q. Mech. lectures from 2008. Outdated?

    Hello everyone. I am a laymen (with math knowledge) interested in learning about quantum mechanics. I came upon this video series from professor Benjamin Schumacher, which I believe is from 2008. Link...
  3. doktorwho

    Engineering Best books on solving circuits

    Hi, do you have any recommendations of books that deal with circuit analysis and circuit solving? I'm currently involved in a course that deals with linear circuits, and we are learning all of these methods of loop currents, thevenin's and norton's theorem, potential of knots and lots of methods...
  4. S

    Engineering Students Academic Discussion

    Hi guys, I am doing a quick survey here. I am not sure this is appropriate in this section but here it is. If your are an engineering students, could you guys please comment on: 1) Who do you ask when you stuck on study-related questions (eg. lecture note, tutorial, assignment questions...
  5. E

    Calculus Really need to read the textbook?

    Hello everybody, I am taking a calculus 1 course at my local community college this summer. I was wondering if it is absolutely necessary to read the textbook in math because I see it that the professor teaches the theory and techniques in lecture, and covers the same exact material. Right? What...