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Peritoneum, abdominal walls (anterior/posterior )

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    I always get struck when these terms come in my way.But I have manage to come to an understanding about them.But wan't to verify whether these are correct as I am not sure about it.
    It may sound absurd or weird but I will take help of a suitcase in order to explain my understanding about peritoneum ,anterior abdominal walls ,posterior ,abdominal walls,abdominal cavity.
    if we look at above suitcase ,it's empty.The space which is unoccupied that is making it empty is somewhat like abdominal cavity in which organs are placed as in the suitcase case(two cases !:wink:)any belongings or usually clothes are kept.The boundaries of the suit case are like abdominal walls.The black and white checks or chess like sheath is somewhat similar to peritoneum or more precisely parietal peritoneum.The part of suitcase which is elevated making it open suitcase is ventral /anterior abdominal wall and the part of the suitcase which is on floor can be called as dorsal/posterior abdominal wall.
    Am I right?
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    Keep in mind that all abdominal organs are covered with visceral peritoneum which is continuous with parietal peritoneum and is just given a different name because anatomists like to give new names to the same structure in different places. So if you were to use your suitcase analogy and include, say, a stomach, you wouldn't see the stomach but a stomach shaped lump covered in the checkerboard pattern material.
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    Black and white chess like sheath on elevated portion of suitcase is (analogous to ) visceral peritoneum and the sheath present on part of the suitcase which is on floor is (analogous to ) parietal peritoneum. Right?
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