Philidelphea Experment.Real Physics?

Philidelphea Experment.......Real Physics?

There's this rumor of The Navy using this warship back in the 40s. Dubbed The Philidelphia Experiment The Navy supposedly used magnetic feilds to make a warship disapear. It was off the coast of Philly and the warship really did disapear into another dimension. It then reappeared in another spot. It's supposed to be a hyperspace teleportation experiment.

When it returned the med were reportedly melted in with the ship. THe ones who got out would become invisble then visible once a second.My question is did it really happen? Does it comply with any laws of Physics? Supposedly the technology was adopted from UFOs. It also had to do with Project Mantauk.

Do any of you believe this,know somebody who worked on it, or know it's pure fiction?


Pure fiction.
The story as it is now known stems from the fictional movie The Philadelphia Experiment directed by Stewart Rafill. As of 1990, an alleged eyewitness supported the version as it was portrayed in the movie, adding other details to the story which then was widely spread via the Internet and reappeared in several books written since then. The name of this eyewitness is Alfred Bielek. He was proven an impostor in 2003 [2].
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It doesn't come from a movie but an unidentified letter from someone who was supposedly in on it.


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I have the book, as well as a novel called 'Gone Zero' based upon the supposed event. While I have no knowledge of the actual experiment (even to whether or not it ever happened), I can say that the explanation offered in the original is bogus. They claimed that the frequency of the activities of both the ship and its crew was accelerated until they were vibrating at light speed. Keep in mind that the original idea was to make the ship invisible, not to move it. Considering that molecular motion is expressed as heat, it's obviously not possible that such vibrational speed could be achieved. The result would have been a star, even if relativity didn't prevent such vibrational speed for an object with mass.

edit: I just spotted Russ' post after mine got submitted. The movie was based upon the book, which came out several years earlier.
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This belongs in the Skepticism and Debunking forum. It's insulting to have it here in the General Physics forum. Can a mod please move it?


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berkeman said:
This belongs in the Skepticism and Debunking forum. It's insulting to have it here in the General Physics forum. Can a mod please move it?
Most happily, you are absolutly correct.

Ivan, It is all yours.... Delete away!
Man I've seen this movie before. I demand a refund...


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I bet some high powered people sat around discussing whether they should debunk it or not to the general public still tho' :biggrin:
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This story begins in 1955, not 1990.

On January 13, 1955, Jessup received a letter from a man identifying himself as Carlos Miguel Allende. In the letter, Allende informed Jessup of the Philadelphia Experiment
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