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[Physics]Impact of Bs in Calculus 1-3 at Junior College

  1. Jan 16, 2012 #1
    I am finishing an AA degree at my local community college this spring. After I hope to transfer in the fall to University of Maryland for physics. I am worried sick that graduate schools (or even UMD) will deny me because of my Bs in calculus 1-3. What judgement should I expect because of this? Should I retake at UMD for As? They will be transferring for credit on my degree, along with Differential Equations which I will be scoring an A in :wink:.

    Mathematics has always come very easy and intuitive to me. The grades are the problem. I had some rough times in life that led to those marks. I'm otherwise a top student.
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    You can still get into any university for graduate school - graduate school in physics, math and chemistry is not medical school. Grades are not the entire game.

    Here's some advice I would give.

    Get to know your professors. Letters of recommendation are more important than grades so make sure you have people who know you well enough to write good letters.

    When you transfer to a university, get involved in research.

    And, of course, if you get B's in calculus but you go on to get A's in linear algebra, differential equations, complex analysis and more, few people, in any, will care about those B's.

    Don't stress, you're ok.
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