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Physics Year 12, Need Some Advice

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    Hey Guys,

    Well, I've decided to do Physics In year 12, but i haven't done it in year 11. Now I've always been interested in physics a whole deal and i did particulary well in Introductory Calculus in year 11, what i was wondering is in preparation for year 12 physics, do you guys/girls have any sites i could use for revision and an outline of the course.

    Please and Thank you

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    Welcome to PF Matty.

    You say that you haven't done physics in year eleven, but I'm sure that you did some kind of combined science - perhaps the GCSE Double award? If this is the case, then you will have covered all the pre-requisite material in your GCSE. With respect to the Mathematics aspect of AS-Level physics there is very little you need to know above and beyond GCSE maths. That said, even though AS-Level mathematics isn't a requirement for AS-Level physics I would recommend taking at least AS-Level mathematics, with the Mechanics option if it is available to you. This will really help when it comes to the mathematics aspect of AS-Level physics, you'll cover the required methods in far greater detail than is required for the physics course and the physics should seem easy to you.

    With respect to a course outline, check out your exam board's website (AQA, EdExcel etc.). Exam boards usually post course specifications on their website. I would also recommend going and speaker to one of your physics teachers, they'll probably be able to advise you best as to what to expect from AS-Level physics.
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    You don't need to prepare much for Physics, as long as you have common sense and you can think logically you're good.

    If you want a quick review of vectors, kinematics, momentum, energy/work, have a 5 minute look at www.sparknotes.com
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    aha, alrighty guys, thanks for the help very much appreciated.

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