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Please help me to choose 3 rd Year Maths modules at QMUL

  1. Aug 15, 2011 #1
    Dear Sir,Madam,Friends

    1)I did well in Number theory and found it easy. will " combinatorics" module be easy for me?

    2) I have not put any time into studying Statistics & even did not bother to pass intro to Stat module. will Actuarial maths be easy for me ? does actuarial maths have a lot of stats and probability? or just substituting from formulas.

    3) Today I had Integral and differential analysis exam. exam just went crazy, very hard.
    will the Complex analysis module be easy for me ?

    4) How hard is coding theory?

    I have to choose
    One of
    Actuarial maths, Coding theory,complex variables.
    One of
    Metric spaces , Combinatorics

    your help is very appreciated.
    With metta kindness

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmlQ9qGomG0&feature=relmfu" fastforward to 04:00 minute.
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    You're not giving usd the correct information here. You seem like you want to know what will be easy. But that's not the correct question, the correct question is "will it be useful/interesting?"

    So, answer this:

    - What do you want to do after undergrad?? Research in what?? Get a job in what??
    - What did you find interesting so far?? What would you like to know more of??
  4. Aug 15, 2011 #3
    1) I want to find a normal job ( government jobs are ok) so I can earn enough money to live, not expecting to do a job in a big bank with big pay
    2) I like to know about patterns , like in a beautiful mind movie.:biggrin:
    well, i like to invent some kind of useful formulae/equation that would change the world. ie - the simply forumuale will have applications in real world. so that will be benificial..
    But right now i just want to pass the exam sir.

    MAy u be well. Thankx
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