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Please tell me, where I have to post new research.

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    I have discussed some thing in other forums. Now I would like to discuss new research thing here.

    Therefore please guide me, where (in which section) I have to discuss this?
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    Welcome to the forums. I'm afraid the answer is nowhere unless you have published in a peer-reviewed journal, please read the PF rules. Specifically:
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    Thank you Ryan for your guidance.

    I always fallow forum rules. Therefore I have asked.

    Till now I have not touched the peer reiview journals. I have discussed it in two science forums. After discussion in science forum, I have written a separate article in same science forum.

    At starting I have got objection. But when I presented that with scientific method and when I was given testable predictions, they were not objected me.

    I think it is better to share with you by Personnel Message.
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    If it hasn't already been published in a peer-reviewed journal, we don't discuss it here. Quoting the rules again:

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