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Pneumatic valve for cartesian robot

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    I am trying to build a high-speed X/Y cartesian robot which vacuums up defected parts from a moving conveyor. The end effector of the robot has a venturi vacuum integrated. Because the vacuum is constant, I need a Z-axis to go up/down for the end effector to get the defects otherwise it sucks up everthing. This is very slow. I would rather keep the height constant of the end effector and instead toggle the vacuum on/off using a valve of some kind so I can eliminate the z axis. I can't seem to find what I'm looking for because valves I've found are for small diameters (10mm). I need a valve for hoses about the size of ping-pong balls. Can anyone suggest a source for a pneumatic valve in the size range and that can cycle in very high speeds?

    Thank you,
    Jake Platt
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    Interesting. Can you instead just open several small holes in the hose some distance upstream to spoil the vacuum at the end?
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    I misunderstood your point for 2 months. I was re-reading old posts and now i finally get your point. Clever!! It never dawned on me to the leave the vacuum intact and just cancel the pressure.
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