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B Pocket size molecular spectrometer

  1. Jul 23, 2017 #1
    Has anyone owned the Scio pocket size molecular spectrometer that can make you identify substances? see https://www.consumerphysics.com/

    how accurate is it? Is there a size limit for any spectrometer where accuracy could be affected?

    the Scio is an IR spectrometer.. is pocket size Raman spectrometer more difficult to make, why?
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    That's not a very helpful link, IMO. Please link to the datasheet and mainstream reviews of the instrument. Sounds promising in principle, but linking to the main flashy Marketing web page is not helpful.
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    Other than Near InfraRed, Bluetooth, Apple, Android, no technical info to be found on their site...It's all "Contact us for more information."
    • The website owner is buried behind an anonymizer located in Arizona
    • Google search turns up 1 480 000 hits (plus lots of suggested searches...read some before you buy)
    • crunchbase.com says: "Consumer Physics is an Israel startup..."
    • US Trademark registration: http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4806:t9hney.2.3
    • One site stated they crowd-sourced USD$2 500 000 in startup funding in 2014
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    I've done some searches and I'm having a hard time finding information on the instrument itself and separating that from information on the software that is available to interpret the spectra. Seems like smoke and mirrors.
  6. Jul 25, 2017 #5
    The SCIO being an IR spectrometer was supposed to detect contents of medicines, foods, etc.
    What about Raman Spectrometer, what can it detect that can't by IR?
    What is the smallest and cheapest Raman Spectrometer? I heard this can detect bombs at distance by laser. Sometimes I get nervous going to the mall and if I have a handheld raman spectrometer, I can scan suspicious bags of any bombs.. but what if the bomb is inside a bag? Or just detect poisons in drinks or even meds like date rape drugs put in drinks. Pocket spectrometer will really be useful especially for ladies on a date.
  7. Jul 25, 2017 #6
    btw.. beside the alleged SCIO.. what other handheld molecular IR scanners already released that is affordable and accurate enough? I think this is cheaper than handheld Raman spectrometer.

    Whenenver I eat out. I was always served water that I'm not sure is clean.. I don't know the water filtering stages used. Therefore I'd like to use my handheld IR spectrometer to see if the water is pure or has impurities and what are they so I can decide how clean they are.

    Usually what are other practical uses of handheld IR spectrometer vs a Raman spectrometer?
  8. Jul 26, 2017 #7
    Here's from a professional Spectroscopy source: http://www.spectroscopyonline.com/r...ustry-pharma-police-and-homeland-security-532

    Recent Developments in Handheld Raman Spectroscopy for Industry, Pharma, Forensics, and Homeland Security: 532-nm Excitation Revisited

    "Recent advances in Raman instrumentation have resulted in the development of easy-to-use and efficient handheld Raman analyzers. Most of the commercially available handheld Raman devices use 785- or 1064-nm excitation. This article directly demonstrates the performance of 532-nm handheld Raman (versus 785- and 1064-nm excitation) for the analysis of biopharmaceuticals for structure and counterfeit testing as well as explosive detection. The results presented here will contribute to recognition of 532-nm Raman excitation as a highly attractive option for rapid and effortless analysis in the field."

    any idea how much one costs? and would handheld IR spectrometer be more accurate than these handheld Raman spectrometer when I just want to know if the water served in restaurant or fast food chains are really pure or dirty? or even has drugs laced into it? this would be useful for anyone especially women when you go to another country (In India, many female tourists were raped by tourist guides after lacing their drinks with sleeping pills).
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