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B Polyphonic singing = mind blown

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    Might be more banter than discussion but this I thought interesting. Going to capture the spectra and post it.

    Didn't think was legit, but legit.

    Posted as a physics student motivator for teachers introducing overtones, harmonics etc.

    Why we hear no beat frequency??

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    Wikipedia has some nice samples of different styles of overtone signing.

    Why would we hear a beat frequency? In what conditions are beats produced?
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    Which "beat frequency" would you expect? You have a fundamental and you have one of the overtones she accentuates. There is, as far as I can hear, at least an octave between the two main frequencies she is singing. Any difference or sum that you might hear, due to some non linearity somewhere (in your ears?) would be lost in the mush. There could be beats between the harmonics of the fundamental and the frequencies of the overtones but how would expect to recognise them? Overall, the sound is pretty mushy and confusing.
    Even a spectrum analyser would probably be hard pressed to dig out any identifiable products. I guess you could identify the two frequencies and then look at frequencies corresponding to possible beats. It's probably true to say that your ear is 'experiencing' something in the timbre of the notes. I always think that my ears are particularly non-linear and I generate all sorts of shash with multiple sources. Hearing aids don't help that particularly. Noisy Pub conversations as a real challenge.
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    Top left in the video was a click opportunity to get a much more interesting visual explanation with all the spectra. Dynamic (check around 2:00) ! Miraculous voice control !

    No beats? Frequency differences are multiples of the fundamental frequency so they are indistinguishable.
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    It's not Harmonic Singing. Overtones of any complicated resonator are not harmonically related. (Not even for a real string). There will be some dramatic differences for a human vocal tract and that's why it sounds so unearthly.
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    Thanks link, better spectra than what I could get.

    Anyone know what software, I'm wanting it.

    Neat frequency filter option.
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