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Sound from random frequency pulsates through body

  1. Jul 17, 2011 #1
    Ok after searching google through and through I have decided this is the closest related place I could ask about my situation that I could find. After this happening Friday morning I have been unable to stop thinking about it and would like to hear someone else's views.

    On this past Friday 7-15-11 I woke up feeling a little different (can't think of how to describe it) from the first movement I made causing the springs in my mattress to compress and depress shockwaves started pulsating through me. It took a few moments to get out of the bed because it kept causing my arms to collapse. After finally getting out I still could hear the resetting of the springs and still pulsating through me. Every time it was almost as if I was about to pass out. I soaked my face down in the bathroom and as soon as I passed back through the threshold into the bedroom it hit me again. This time facing the bed it was almost as if my head was drawn to this, but with barely being able to stand I rushed out and outside. It didn't happen again. This is the worst this has ever affected me but not necessarily the first time its happened. Oh and on I side note my bed is almost completely silent...

    A few months ago laying in bed the sound of the vibrating touch screen as my wife browsed through face book caused close to the same sensation. Every touch of the screen pulsated through me. This happened for about a month. Before this the last time anything similar has happened was years ago back in High School. The pulsation didn't occur, but I went through a few different time frames where certain sounds were very apparent to me. The first one when I was 15 was the sound of a penny hitting tile floor. It sounded to me more like someone slamming on a pair of cymbals. Other types of coins didn't do this.(I'm guessing metal type and frequency created). Yes I always seemed to be able to immediately locate the penny which seemed to be in slow motion until it finally stood still. This was for about 3 months give or take. The next was was maybe a year later where the ticking of a clock I could hear as if it were in my ear when it was actually across the room. I only remember this being a day or two. There may be a catch to this one. The first time I heard the clock it was behind me and out of mind though it was in between heart beats. During that day and the next when I looked at a clock I would meter my breathing to make my heart and clock tick alternate in this way and that was the only way the amplification occurred. After this short time frame though I haven't been able to do it again.

    I know this probably isn't what this forum is typically about, but I did figure it was interesting and at least partially physics. If anyone has any ideas as to what the cause may be please please suggest it. Or if I can be redirected to somewhere that people do talk about these sorts of things. I would like to recreate this if possible to investigate. Anyhow, thank you for your time.
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  3. Jul 18, 2011 #2
    My honest advice is to speak with your doctor. If you felt physical sensations and thought you were going to pass out you may have had a seizure or may have an issue with blood pressure.

    As for the clock and penny thing... The more you pay attention to something the more you can feel/see/hear it. Your brain often blocks this stuff out for you when you don't care about it.

    For example, I have floaters, but I can't see them most of the time because my brain actually erases them from my internal vision! Cool stuff. But the opposite effect can also happen.
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