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LaTeX Prevent Latex from Including the Location of Every Citation

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    I'm using Zotero to export my Bibtex file (references.bib), and including it with:
    Code (Text):
    For some reason, in the final References section, it is including a chapter location (e.g. 1.1, 1.3, 3.1) every time I cite that reference.For example:
    How can I suppress this, and get rid of that list of instances the reference is cited?
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    I think it is defined by the thesis template that I'm using, not Zotero. I've tried changing bibliography styles within the same template, and the problem remains. Using Zotero and bibtex with other templates dies not display the issue. Tried looking at the thesis style in a text editor, but nothing jumped out at me indicating the cause.

    This is the the template I'm using.

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    Yeah, there's something funny going on with that. The PDF example of the thesis shows this for the printed reference:

    [1] A. van Zelst and T. C. W. Schenk, “Some paper of great meaning,” IEEE Journal of Great Work, vol. 52, 2004. 1.2​

    But the Bibtex file has nothing with "1.2" in it for that entry, just volume 52 issue 2; and so for IEEE style, that reference should not include "1.2" and should include the issue number; i.e. it should look like this:

    [1] A. van Zelst and T. C. W. Schenk, “Some Paper of Great Meaning,” IEEE Journal of Great Work, vol. 52, no. 2, 2004.​

    So whatever is happening it's pretty strange & likely the problem is somewhere in the package files - class file, template file, etc. It's been a long time since I did much LaTeX. So I would suggest either contacting the package author - he mentions he will try & help with any issues if contacted; or else posting on a LaTeX forum, preferably one where you can upload the package files.
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    I'm still curious about this problem. I had thought you meant that "1.1, 1.3, 3.1" were chapter locations in the publication. But now from re-reading your thread title, I guess what you mean is, they are locations within your paper.
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    Thanks. I think it's in the package files too. I'm going to dig through the assorted files in the folder while I wait to see if the author responds.
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    So again, you must have already known this; but I just realized what the extra numbers are: they are links back to the sections in which you put the footnotes, e.g. [1], [2], etc. That would explain the "1.2" in the template example PDF. So what you would look for is code that causes these backward links. They are hyperlinks, too, by the way - or at least they are in the example template. This ought to make it easy to Google for this sort of behavior in LaTeX and thus find the relevant code.
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    Hey, @teroenza , I found it. Locate the class file "Ricethesis_PDF.cls". Find line 29 - it should read "backref," one of many packages listed after a "\usepackage" command up on line 22. Comment "backref" out with a percent sign, so it reads "%backref". Then run the PDF compile again. When I did this the extra numbers after the cites went away.

    Here is the "backref" package documentation: http://texdoc.net/texmf-dist/doc/latex/hyperref/backref.pdf

    A similar command, "pagebackref," is explained on this page: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Hyperlinks

    Interestingly, although you may still want to remove these, you could also consider leaving them; after all, they are functional; and moreover, anyone accustomed to reviewing LaTeX-generated papers would likely understand the purpose & even welcome it (when reading a PDF on a computer, makes it easy to click on a footnote; read the cite; then click the appropriate number after the cite to return to where they left off in the paper).
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    Thanks so much. I was wanting to remove them because they seemed to be cluttering the references page. I might just add a note about them, and keep them in place since you're right, they could be useful.
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