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Latex is a stable dispersion (emulsion) of polymer microparticles in water. Latexes are found in nature, but synthetic latexes are common as well.
Latex as found in nature is a milky fluid found in 10% of all flowering plants (angiosperms). It is a complex emulsion consisting of proteins, alkaloids, starches, sugars, oils, tannins, resins, and gums that coagulate on exposure to air. It is usually exuded after tissue injury. In most plants, latex is white, but some have yellow, orange, or scarlet latex. Since the 17th century, latex has been used as a term for the fluid substance in plants, deriving from the Latin word for "liquid." It serves mainly as defense against herbivorous insects. Latex is not to be confused with plant sap; it is a distinct substance, separately produced, and with separate functions.
The word latex is also used to refer to natural latex rubber, particularly non-vulcanized rubber. Such is the case in products like latex gloves, latex condoms and latex clothing.
Originally, the name given to latex by indigenous Equator tribes who cultivated the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis, was "caoutchouc", from the words caa ('tear') and ochu ('tree'), because of the way it is collected.

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  1. W

    Entering a caret within a Latexed expression: Ends up mangled...

    Hi, Trying to Latex in an estimator y^ together with an index, y_i . The latter is obvious as ##y_i##, but I can't get the estimator ^ without mangling it all. Any ideas?
  2. mcastillo356

    Suggestion Why this LaTeX typing doesn't display?

    Hi PF I've been for a while taking a glance to recent posts of mine, in search for right or wrong LaTeX performance; everything correct, except for this thread: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/integral-of-cosecant-function-understanding-different-approaches.1056106/ The following typing...
  3. brotherbobby

    1. Colour while using ##\LaTeX## 2. Preview first time

    I have observed that one cannot use colour here while typing something in ##\LaTeX##. Let me try : ##\text{Let's see if this can be \color{blue} {coloured}?}##. Nope, I type, via an edit after posting. Of course I can use colour from the panel above, but that will have to work for the entire...
  4. Y

    What do you use to write formulas here in Physics Forum?

    I was here over 10yrs ago, at the time, I use LaTex. You still using that today or there's something new? I am encouraging my grand daughter to come to this forum as she's going to college soon. I don't want to tell her to learn the wrong thing as it's been over 10yrs already. Thanks Alan
  5. giodude

    Trying to write in LaTex and MathJax not picking up

    I'm attempting to use latex to write a question in the physics forum. However, when I click preview to check if the formatting is correct it doesn't reformat to display in its latex form, rather it stays in plain text. Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong? I've posted the screenshots...
  6. T

    LaTeX Coloring in a Torus in LaTeX

    Hey all, I have been looking into drawing a torus in LaTeX and came across the post Torus with lines winding along different axis, where the response by user194703 involved the following block of code (which I have very slightly edited) \documentclass[tikz,border=3.14mm]{standalone} % based on...
  7. Frabjous

    Latex format using Safari

    Using safari on an ipad \sqrt{ab} has a slight vertical offset between a and b. ##\sqrt{ab}## Is it me?
  8. S

    Do Latex diagrams work in the preview mode?

    I pasted examples (taken from old threads) of doing commutative diagrams in LaTex into the message editor and tried them in the preview mode. They didn't display. Should a correct example work in the preview mode? I'll paste a couple in this message and see if they show up in the final post...
  9. Eclair_de_XII

    LaTeX I'm trying to typeset a certain symbol in LaTeX

    https://tug.ctan.org/info/symbols/comprehensive/symbols-a4.pdf The symbol I've described isn't in this list. I've searched "crescent" and "moon", but to no avail. Will I have to go through the trouble of creating one myself using TikZ, or something? Also, I need a horizontal border to insert...
  10. M

    Formatting Equally-contribution authors list in PRL journal using LaTeX

    Hello! I want to add equally contributing authors in the author list for a PRL paper in latex (similar to e.g. this). Basically I want something of the form: $$\mathrm{author1}^{1,*}, \mathrm{author2}^{2,*}$$ $$1 \ \mathrm{First \ affiliation}$$ $$2 \ \mathrm{Second \ affiliation}$$ $$* \...
  11. DrClaude

    Bug Package braket broken in MathJax

    It appears that the MathJax implementation of the ##\LaTeX## package is broken. In another thread, I posted this In this post, the command \braket{N} should display as $$ \langle N \rangle $$ but it appeared as $$ \langle N | N \rangle $$ If I try it in this post, it results in $$...
  12. E

    LaTeX Latex Guide Link: Easily Accessible Toolbar Option

    A link to the latex guide. I feel like I insert it (and see others linking it) often enough that it is worth asking about having it a fixed option in the tool bar. An “insert latex guide” link. It seems like most newcomers don’t bother to look at at, unless you point it out. Just an idea...
  13. fluidistic

    LaTeX Most awesome periodic table of the elements in Latex?

    I would like to print a nice PTOTE, written in Latex. So that I could make small modifications before printing it. I have checked on the Internet, but surprisingly couldn't find any really nice one. Ideally, it should contain information like the fusion point, possibly crystallographic...
  14. S

    LaTeX Discover the Use of LaTex for Bridge and Chess Online Discussions

    I'm curious whether LaTex is commonly used to display online discussions of bridge and chess? (Yes, if I investigated online Bridge or chess forums, I'd find the answer. However I hope someone who knows will save me the trouble.) Just a casual search for "LaTex for bridge deals" shows that...
  15. B

    LaTeX LaTeX is not working for this code when I Preview

    Not sure how to rectify this. Any ideas? It looks correct via the codecogs website (https://latex.codecogs.com/eqneditor/editor.php) \begin{align} (S \circ R)^{-1} & = \left\{ \left< z, x \right> : \left< z, x \right> \in S \circ R \right\} \\ & = \left\{ \left< z, x \right> : \exists...
  16. binbagsss

    LaTeX References format in beamer, LaTeX

    When I am citing references in beamer they are coming out as listing the author, I just want it to give a number instead. This is the code I am using, and, this is how my references and the citation are currently displaying. Many thanks in advance ! Relevant code in the document for...
  17. L

    LaTeX Latex inputs here in the forum

    I have unfortunately a problem, if I make my inputs only with two dollar signs, that these are not indicated, but only with 4 dollar signs. Unfortunately, I cannot make my latex inputs in the text in such a way, like e.g. The formula is as follows $f(x)=x^2$, form the derivative of this formula.
  18. epenguin

    LaTeX Going backwards in elementary Latex

    I am trying to help a student but then I need it myself. Spending all my time writing a simple formula in this hateful Latex which ought to be a thing of the past. Not succeeding in writing the formula, to understand what was going wrong I tried the simplest expressions of the kind for fractions...
  19. PhysicsRock

    LaTeX LaTeX formatting Feynman Diagrams incorrectly

    I've been trying to get Feynman Diagrams to work in my LaTeX code, however, the output is not what it is supposed to be. I'm using TeXMaker and TikZ-Feynman to draw the diagrams. My code looks like this: \feynmandiagram [horizontal=a to b] { i1 -- [fermion] a -- [fermion] i2, a -- [photon] b...
  20. topsquark

    LaTeX Commutative function diagrams in LaTeX

    I know that TikZ is probably the best way to do this but most Forums don't use it. I can make a rectangular diagram, but it's a bit clunky: Say I have the commutative function diagram: ##\begin{array}{ccccc} ~ & ~ & f & ~ & ~ \\ ~ & A & \longrightarrow & B & ~ \\ g & \downarrow & ~ &...
  21. topsquark

    LaTeX Complex Fractions in LaTeX

    I know of two reasonable ways to represent a complex fraction: \dfrac{ \left ( \dfrac{a}{b} \right ) }{ \left ( \dfrac{c}{d} \right ) } ##\dfrac{ \left ( \dfrac{a}{b} \right ) }{ \left ( \dfrac{c}{d} \right ) }## and \dfrac{ ^a / _b }{ ^c / _d } ##\dfrac{ ^a / _b }{ ^c / _d }## What I am...
  22. benorin

    LaTeX Need editor for dvi files to convert latex

    I have only my iPhone rn to manipulate files with rn. I need assitence from someone with a latex editor capable of viewing .dvi files to download this linked file (the latest draft of our insight) on my google drive...
  23. topsquark

    LaTeX Preview LaTeX: Tips to Check Code Before Posting

    Just a quick question... I haven't been able to figure out a way to preview my posts before I post them. Is there a way to check my LaTeX code on site before I actually post? Thanks! -Dan
  24. malawi_glenn

    LaTeX Looking for a LaTeX preview site similar to mathb.in

    http://mathb.in/ is down I am looking for a fast and easy to use LaTeX preview site which is similar in fuction. I know of overleaf but then I have to type "compile" and so on. I am looking for something that is fast and easy.
  25. I

    LaTeX Preview button not working as expected

    When I create a thread and enter all Latex equations, I want to see how it would appear before posting the thread. So, when I click Preview button, I do not see the compiled thread. I have to reload the browser tab to see the Latex output. Are other people seeing this problem ? Thanks
  26. Falgun

    LaTeX Resources for learning LaTEX

    Okay so I find myself with quite a bit of time on my hands and I have always been a messy note taker so I decided to learn LaTEX just for the heck of it. I searched for previous threads but they were generally confusing. I have very minimum programming experience. So I would really appreciate it...
  27. Llukis

    LaTeX Customize a template in Latex

    Hello to everybody! I would like to know if someone could help me customizing the title page (adding information as well as logos) of the template of the kaobook class by Federico Marotta. It is available at the website of Latex templates. Has anyone ever used it? Thank you so much.
  28. C

    LaTeX Fixing LaTeX Not Working on Firefox 99

    hello, I am trying to use latex in a thread, but for some reason it does not work, eg. v^a is displayed as v^a I am using firefox browser version 99. many thanks for your help
  29. Math Amateur

    LaTeX Latex Code for Upper Sum ....

  30. Math Amateur

    LaTeX Latex Problem for Set B Minus set B' that is B \ B' (SOLVED)

    Can someone show me how to include the set minus operation in latex code ... obviously there is a difficulty that the symbol \ within latex delimiters just leaves a space ... ... so B \ B' doesn't result in B \ B' Peter (SOLVED) B \text{ \ } B' works ... ... ... ... ... B \text{ \ } B'
  31. Math Amateur

    LaTeX Please help with this failing Latex code

    [SOLVED] I keep failing to be able to correct the following Latex Code B' = \{ x \in \mathbb{R^n} \ \ | \ \ a_j \leq x_j \leq t_j \text{ and } a_k \leq x_k \leq b_k \{ for } k \neq j \} Can someone help by indicating what's wrong ... Help will be much appreciated Peter
  32. M

    LaTeX Text and latex interpreter in xlabel

    Hi PF! I'm going insane here. How can I have the following in xlabel: ##Q \text{ (mm\sup 3/s)}##?
  33. benorin

    LaTeX Need LaTeX commands for tables, I've looked up some but not working

    I've looked up two different LaTeX references for Table commands and have been lead to believe that this might work but not only does it not appear as a table it doesn't even display greek letters or fractions just spits out commands. Help please? |render=<math> \begin{array}{ l| |c|c|c|c|c }...
  34. Z

    LaTeX Issue with Latex Equations: I have a screen recording of the problem

    My posts all include many equations written in Latex. It seems to me like there are a few bugs related to usage of Latex specifically when just starting a new thread. I've made a short 2 minute screen recording to show the issue I face every single time I want to start a new thread, and the way...
  35. SamRoss

    How can I get the RUN button in Visual Studio Code to turn GREEN again?

    I have been using Visual Studio Code for a couple months now and it has been fine. When I want to run some code, there is usually a little green triangle button in the top right corner that I can click on. A few days ago, that triangle turned white only for Python files (it is still green for...
  36. ZFurdzik

    Labelling a point on the x-axis with PGF-TikZ

    I'm confused about wrote a root of function when plotting here graph with pgf-tikz. Any help is welcome.
  37. mattlfang

    LaTeX Latex Troubleshooting: My Attempted Solution

    I really struggle the get the Latex working for some reason, so I attached my attempted solution in another picture.
  38. SamRoss

    LaTeX Trouble using PythonTex variables in Latex file

    I'm using Visual Studio Code as my text editor. My ultimate goal is to use PythonTex in a Latex file so that I can generate multiple versions of the same worksheet for my class. As a test, I defined a variable myvar = "hi" but I can't get it to render correctly in the pdf when I use \py{myvar}...
  39. K

    LaTeX Closest synthetic that is as stretchy as Latex

    Hi I’m working on a prototype idea and think I could greatly simplify one part if I used some sort of tough stretchy rubber. Something that offers good spring-like resistance and a fast rebound. I googled many different combinations of “latex like synthetic” or “stretchy synthetic rubbers”...
  40. PainterGuy

    LaTeX Vertical space and left alignment in Latex

    Hi, How do I left align the text below? Also, how do I create vertical spaces above and below the line stating "Subbing the following expressions..."? Could you please help me with it? To derive 14(ii) m_{0} \gamma^{2} \frac{d^{2} y}{d t^{2}}=e E_{y}^{\prime} from 13(ii) m_{0}...
  41. Eclair_de_XII

    LaTeX Feedback on my LaTeX code please

    \newcommand\func{\(f\)} \newcommand\myset[1][math]{\ifthenelse{\equal{math}{#1}}{\(K\)}{K}} \newcommand\diff[4]{\(|#1-#2|#4#3\)} \newcommand\ball[3]{\diff{#1}{#2}{#3}{<}} \newcommand\Fllab[2]{\diff{f(#1)}{f(#2)}{\epsilon}{\geq}} \newcommand\term[2][n_k]{\({#2}_{#1}\)}...
  42. The Bill

    LaTeX Why is LaTeX development so slow?

    LaTeX is used widely in many disciplines and industries. It has this in common with other open standards which get a lot of development help and support from industry. Yet, we're still stick using a decades old version with packages taped on top that add features that should have been added to...
  43. PainterGuy

    LaTeX How do I fix this generated LaTex code for a matrix?

    Hi, I'm using Scientific Workplace to write LaTex and it generates the code shown below for the given matrix. I don't think the generated code is standard LaTex in this particular instance. How can I fix it without making too many modifications? I mean if there is a simple way to fix it. Thank...
  44. person123

    LaTeX LaTex to Work With Symbolic Expressions

    For many of the problems in my engineering courses (as well as other STEM courses and maybe even in industry), much of the work is in algebraic manipulation of equations. These problems could be solved using by using symbolic expressions in a coding language like MATLAB. However, it is very...
  45. M

    LaTeX How to decrease spacing before single space environment in LaTeX?

    Hi, Question: How can I remove the extra spacing above the single-space equation environment. I have wrapped the equations in a single-space environment as the document has to be double spaced (and I wanted to save as much space as possible) From reading online, I have the following code at...
  46. yucheng

    Why the ##\#\#\#\### but not just?

    I am planning to type my equations in an offline LaTeX editor, simply because it is easier to do. I'll be using LyX. The problem is, it uses ##\#\#\#\###, for single line code, while my editor uses \$\$. Is there any way to overcome this? Am I, seriously, to replace every single \$\$ into...
  47. epenguin

    LaTeX Latex Guide Interactive: Help Locate Resource

    Within the last year someone posted on a thread, it wasn't the main thread subject I think, a very useful seeming table of Latex which I think was interactive or semi-interactive. I thought note that and didn't and now can't find it. It would be useful to me right now, and think it would be...
  48. Eclair_de_XII

    LaTeX Is there a good compendium of LaTeX exercises?

    Do people who learn LaTeX just practice it on their undergraduate assignments or something?
  49. Haorong Wu

    LaTeX Need help with the LaTeX beamer package

    I do not know which forum I should turn to, so I post it here. If I should post it here, please help me move it. I want to delete those buttons at the bottom just before the footer. They are useless to me. I have googled them. But no relevant information shows up. Maybe I search them with wrong...
  50. rude man

    LaTeX Finding Missing Symbols in LaTeX: An Enhanced Primer

    E very once in a while I see a post in which LaTex symbols appear that are absent from the primer offered in PF. Examples: \bf A in lieu of the awkward \mathbf A ## \ell ## for script l. There must olbviously be a list of the 28 letters that can be scripted. The font section in my LaTex...