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A Problem with a convolution algorithm

  1. Nov 28, 2016 #1

    I've been reading "Statistical Mechanics Algorithms and Computations". And I came to a problem while processing Algorithm 1.26 (I attach a link at the end). I don't get why the weights are the way they are, specially I can't understand the sequence {1/2l,1/l,...,1/l,1/2l}.

    Does anyone knows why the weights are those and how would be the sequence?

    Thanks in advance

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    Link is blocked to outsiders.
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    Pff, can you see this pdf? http://blancopeck.net/Statistics.pdf

    The part I'm talking about is on the page 47 of the book (60 of the pdf)
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    The weights are just those used by the trapezoidal method of numerical integration. It has nothing to do with the underlying problem.
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    Well it certainly isn't a great book when it comes to explain things.

    Thank you very much
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