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Problem with units when using E=hv

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    In case I'm wrong, the formula for energy of a photon is E=hf.
    Or E=hc/λ, because f=c/λ.

    Basically the second formula is just in case you don't know frequency so it crams the equation for that into the equation for energy.

    When I use E=hc/λ the units I get are...


    What I did was... A photon of red light, has a wavelength of like 700nM, so...

    (6.626×10-34kg*m2/s2) (3x108m/s) / 7×107m

    = 2.84×1019kg*m2/s3

    I thought the answer would be in Joules, which is kg*m2/s2, so I must be missing something... Why the extra unit of time.
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    Wow stupid, planck's constant is J×s which is kg*m2/s

    Well, everything else looks okay?
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    Check the signs of your exponents. Everything else looks right, if you fix your units.
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    Ah right, ^-19

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