Problems with Fast Ignition fusion?

  1. I came across these slides which say that the main problems with Fast igniton fusion are

    1. Compress DT fuel to high ρ, ρR around cone tip; cone tip must survive Gbar implosion pressure
    2. Relativistic laser interaction (I>1020 W/cm2) & electron generation
    3. Relativistic electron transport in HED plasmas; collective transport, filamentation, extreme E&B fields; core heating & burn

    I understand 1. but not 2 and 3, i cant find any information online. Could anyone explain them to me please or point me to an article/book. Thank you
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  3. The paper by M. Key on the second slide of the presentation you posted is a review of fast ignition. I would start there

    The presentation and review paper both contain other references. These will provide a more detailed discussion on various issues.
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