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News Prodi defeats Berlusconi defeats Truman

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    As of the minute, Prodi has (prematurely?) declared victory for his Union coalition, by a provisional margin of 49.8% to 49.7% (BBC):

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    Berlusconi's more bent than a U-bend. But Prodi's coalition consists of nine parties, and even if they manage to get a majority in the lower house it's going to be about 2 or 3 seats.

    This isn't going to last. The Communists now have enough seats to being down the government if they pull out, and I don't see them sticking around for long.
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    Well the Left did have a 500 odd page "aggrement" outlining what they want to achieve which all parties signed, so it seems to be a political coalition rather than what happened before. But you may be right...
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    Congratulations Italy!
    "Getting rid of" Berlusconi is very good news.
    (Although there's now another problem of how to get rid of the communists...)
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    They havent got rid of him yet :) They are awaiting the "offical results"

    I love politcal soap opra heh
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    Yeah, heard Berlusconi also "offers" a coalision government...bad looser?
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    Talk about your individual really vote being important....
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