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Programming languages in atmospheric physics

  1. Sep 5, 2015 #1
    I do know this is very vague and maybe a little bit dumb.
    But are there languages that are ,generally,used much more than others in atmospheric physics?Excluding meteorology.
    I put this thread in Academic Guidance because this question is translated to "What computer languages should I focus on if I'm interested in atm.physics"
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    Since this involves computational modeling then I'd say it would be C/C++, Python and Java.

    A lot of data is often stored in HDF and NetCDF file formats. These formats have API libraries for C/C++, Python and Java.

    Some computational stuff would probably be done in MATLAB as well which could lead to Julia in the future for performance reasons.

    Legacy modeling often uses Fortran so basically you're looking at a variety of languages.

    If I had to choose one I'd choose Python and branch out from there like using the Anaconda distribution.

    http://quant-econ.net/python_or_julia.html [Broken]
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    You should also be familiar with the Programming Language Which Must Not Be Named (Fortran). There's still a lot of physics codes from various fields which are still programmed in this language, especially the Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 standards.
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