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Projectile motion with friction in MATLAB (ODE45)

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    I'm working on a little project where I want to plot the motion of a projectile with air resistance. The air resistance can be assumed to be proportional to the velocity squared.


    [itex]F_{f,x}=F_{f}\frac{v_{x}}{v}, \ \ F_{f,y}=F_{f}\frac{v_{y}}{v}[/itex]

    where B depends on the height, y above the ground

    [itex]B(y) = B_{0}e^{-y/y_{0}}[/itex]


    [itex]k = \frac{B_{0}}{m}=4\cdot 10^{-5} \ m^{-1}, \ y_{0} = 1\cdot 10^4 \ m, \ v_{0} = 700 \ m/s[/itex]

    I have derived the equations of motion as following:

    [itex]\vec{r}=\left(v_{0}tcos\theta-\frac{1}{2}kvv_{x}e^{-y/y_{0}}\cdot t^2\right)\hat{i}+\left(v_{0}tcos\theta+\frac{1}{2}\left[\vec{g}-kvv_{y}e^{-y/y_{0}}\right] t^2\right)\hat{j}[/itex]

    [itex]\vec{v}=\left(v_{0}cos\theta-kvv_{x}e^{-y/y_{0}}\cdot t\right)\hat{i}+\left(v_{0}sin\theta+\left [\vec{g}-kvv_{y}e^{-y/y_{0}}\right]t\right)\hat{j}[/itex]


    I'm having trouble defining a function I can use with ode45 since there are several variables depending on eachother (assuming my equations are correct). Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    I haven't checked if the equations are correct, but they are not differential equations!

    What you need for ode45 is something like
    \frac{dx}{dt} &= v_x \\
    \frac{dy}{dt} &= v_y \\
    \frac{dv_x}{dt} &= a_x \\
    \frac{dv_y}{dt} &= a_y
    where you replace ##a_x## and ##a_y## by the proper expressions involving the forces.
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    Yes, I'm aware of this. Solving this with ode45 should yield the x and y vectors that I want to plot. I'm just not sure how to define the function itself since it depends on B which in turn depends on y.
    B(y) = B_{0}e^{-y/y_{0}}
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    If you take the array y to contain ##(x,y,v_x,v_y)##, then you would write something like
    Code (Text):

    function dy = projectile(t,y)
    B0 = 1;
    y0 = 123;

    dy = zeros(4,1);    % a column vector
    dy(1) = y(3);
    dy(2) = y(4);
    dy(3) = B0 * exp(-y(2)/y0) * y(3);
    dy(4) = B0 * exp(-y(2)/y0) * y(4);
    (Note that the code doesn't correspond to your problem.)
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    You start off your calculations with a known position for the projectile, which means you are going to know an initial value for y. As the calculation progresses, then the values of y will need to be updated depending on your independent variable, which I assume would be time.
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