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Protecting cruise ship in harbor against hurricane?

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    Hi folks,

    Some people allegedly claim it is better to have a cruise ship out in the ocean rather than in harbor during a hurricane. I don't quite believe it however. I can imagine a cruise ship slamming against docks and getting damaged, but in the ocean it could easily overturn and sink.

    Why don't cities perhaps build docks for large ships that for instance have brick walls to protect ships in harbor from winds?

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    Consider this scenario: City builds large brick dock, invites large cruise ship into dock during storm. Storm throws large ship into dock knocking a hole into the ship. Ship fills with water and sinks at the dock. Cruise ship owner sues the city for building a faulty dock which caused the damage to the ship and sinking it.

    The reason large ships sail before a storm is that they can usually find a way out of the storm's path. It is advisable for small craft to remain in port since they are more likely to become swamped by the storm. Large ships are designed with sufficient stability to allow them to survive the effects of most hurricanes.
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