Proving using rodrigue's formula (a very challenging question)

  1. This is a very challenging question I would like your help guys to solve this question.
    Prove (n+1)Pn+1(x)-(2n+1)xPn(x)+nPn-1(x)=0 using Rodriguez's formula
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    What have you tried so far?
  4. The problem is in differentiating ..I really find it very difficult to differentiate..
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    You still haven't said what you tried. Or are you saying that, because you are "find it very difficult to differentiate", you simply haven't tried at all?
  6. I am making a progress .. I found a formula that allowed me to differentiate (n+1) times, so now am working on finding Pn+1 and Pn-1 by the Rodriguez formula , and then substituting them back in the equation..
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