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Medical Psychiatry how much of it is bs?

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    I met this young women the other day with ADD, i knew there was something wrong about the way she communicated right away always wandering off topic and then later she admitted she had ADD, now here's my problem with this I know without a doubt that attention is a habit it can can be focused or unfocused of a person's choosing for the most part unless they watch a lot of garbage TV, so by being stamped as someone with ADD and not explaining to here what it really is and saying she just needs to take this medice for it and pay this amount of money a month and it is a lifelong disorder with no cure, well, do you see what I'm getting at? I wonder how far back in history this bs has been going on? NOT that all pschiatrist are bad, and I'm sure they all believe that they are helping others, but come on, nowdays if your are quiet and shy in school you must have some disorder, if you are loud and energetic you must have a disorder, come on.
    There's something wrong with you, only I know what it is and only by taking this will you get better and it's only 29.95!
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    1] Punctuation? Hello?

    2] "...I know without a doubt that attention is a habit it can can be focused or unfocused of a person's choosing..."

    Well, far be it from me to put doubt where there is no doubt in your mind, but...

    As the parent of a child with ADD I can tell you without a doubt that the condition exists. I would be happy to describe some of the tribulations we went through in coming to this realization.
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    Math Is Hard

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    FYI: This video was posted along with a link to an organization called CCHR. A little digging reveals this:

    http://www.cchr.org/index.cfm/search/5367/6284 [Broken]
    They have a well known hatred of the psychiatric profession.
    Is that $29.95 you are referring to for a copy of Dianetics? :)
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    I'd like some clarification from the OP if I may.

    It seems that you views on ADD are the springboard for your claim about psychiatry.

    Is this thread about the condition of ADD, or is it about the validity of psychiatry? Because I think the first will need to be shown before the second can be discussed.
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    Society says you have a phyciatric problem if you are different from everyone else. As far as I'm concerned, if you can spot your problems and fix them. Then you will have a lower chance of getting mental problems.

    You should watch the movie, "one flew over the cuckoo nest".
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    Lack of concentration is only part of having ADD.

    Along with that comes anxiety, lack of an ability to plan, implusive behavior, feelings of not accomplising goals and a lot of other effects. And ADD is not a psychiatric disorder per se, it's considered a neurological disorder.

    Think of it like this, imagine trying and needing to write a paper. You know exactly what you want to write, you have paper and a pencil and pencil sharpener. But when you try to start it almost physically hurts to concentrate & focus on what you hope to accomplish, that you eventually just decide not to do it at all and fail.

    Don't criticize what you don't understand.
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    This is naive in the extreme.
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    ADD is definitely not a neurological disorder... There is nothing neurologically wrong with hyperactive children... You can't do a CT scan and go 'looky here, we have someone with ADD'... It is a psychiatric disorder...
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    Go and tell us your story please Dave...

    i still don't understand why hyperactive children are given amphetamines so maybe you'll give us an insight...
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    D H

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    This is completely wrong: Many psychiatric disorders are neurological. and looky here: CT scans of normal and ADHD children.
    The Attention Deficit Disorder children show excessive slow brainwave activity (theta and alpha ranges) compared to non- ADD ADHD activity. The slow brainwave activity indicates a lack of control in the cortex of the brain.​
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    And the significance of that...?

    What about all the hundreds of people with frontal lobe damage - and have no signs of ADHD?

    It is rarely that simple... There is no definitieve neurological underlying causes for psychiatric conditions, which is why you can't diagnose hyperactivity/depression/anxiety through CT scans...

    "Additionally, the regions with the greatest deficit of activity in the ADHD patients (relative to the controls) included the premotor cortex and the superior prefrontal cortex.[19] A second study in adolescents failed to find statistically significant differences in global glucose metabolism between ADHD patients and controls, but did find statistically significant deficits in 6 specific regions of the brains of the ADHD patients (relative to the controls). Most notably, lower metabolic activity in one specific region of the left anterior frontal lobe was significantly inversely correlated with symptom severity.[27] These findings strongly imply that lowered activity in specific regions of the brain, rather than a broad global deficit, is involved in ADHD symptoms. However, these readings are of subjects doing an assigned task. They could be found in ADHD diagnosed patients because they simply were not attending to the task. Hence the parts of the brain used by others doing the task would not show equal activity in the ADHD patients"


    I don't personally believe that the vast majority of people who are hyperactive, depressed, schizophrenic have their conditions because there is something wrong with their brain...
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    Are you saying it is an issue of "they simply were not attending to the task" as much as someone with epilepsy "simply refusing to stop shaking and tremblin"?

    You would be wrong.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Then what do you suppose is causing the trouble?
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    I think he is referring to a Psychological vs Physiological problem..

    Anyhow, i think it always reduce to the physiological level, just that in some cases we don't know much how, not in schizophrenia and depression where is well known that some of their causes are physiological problems in the brain and neurotransmitters
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    One thing that those with ADD have to contend with is that they do not have filters.

    What are you doing right now? Is there a radio playing nearby? TV? Fire truck outside? Did you even notice until I mentioned it?

    ADD sufferers hear all these sounds without the filters that the rest of us have. They are unable to tune them out. While you and I could have a conversation in a room with a dozen other people, ADD sufferers will hear everyone in the room as easily as they hear you.
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    D H

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    This ability may well have been advantageous during much our evolution. Who do you want sleeping next to you in the cave, Zonk who sleeps through everying, or Urgg, who seems to sense every leopard that tries to sneak up on the cave? ADHD may have been beneficial while hunting as well. The last person you want on the hunt is the deep thinker who can't see the forest for the bug on the bark of the tree.
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    I'm not saying that at all... I never compared ADD to epileptic seizures!
  19. Sep 19, 2007 #18
    That was my point.
  20. Sep 19, 2007 #19
    That's the question... I think with ADD it's mainly behavioural... I am not aware of good physiological reason for it...

    Regarding depression, which someone mentioned... There is always this idea that it's physiological and i think this is a bit of a misconception between cause and effect...

    What is true is that anti-depressants work by increasing neurotransmitters in the brain and make people happier... but depression is not caused bylower neurotransmitter levels...
    There has been little to no evidence on this... and despite most drug companies have spent billions trying to prove the 'monoamine theory of depression'... It is no believed by majority of people anymore... There were far too many faults with this theory... Anti-depressants taking 2 weeks to have any effect (went against monoamine theory of depression - as theory would suggest drugs would have had an immediate effect... also there were unexplained anonmalies with this theory - e.g. cocaine is a reuptake inhibitor but is not antidepressant, atypical anti-depressants work and don't have any effect on monoamine levels...etc.

    There is a new theory about anti-depressants causing neurogeneration but this is a bit hazy to me... Where is the evidence that depressed patients need regeneration of neurones?...

    Neuroscience is the only thing that I studied that becomes exponentially more difficult and confusing... When you really look into things you'll understand just how little is known about the brain... and with everything they find out it seems to get twenty times harder... As for psychiatry... Definitely not for me...
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    My quote said that X parts of the brain weren't active in the brain of ADD patients because they weren't doing the task...

    So X part of the brain are involved in doing the task... It doesn't prove anything...

    You cannot extrapolate to say that 'people with ADD have it because of inactivity in certain parts of the brain'...

    And do your research... People have stated that ADD is caused because of genes, glucose metabolism, neurological damage, environmental factors, food colourings, lack of fish oils, bad parenting...etc... It is by no means a neurological condition like grand mal epilepsy!...

    I'm personally not convinced there is something neurological wrong causing hyperacitivity in the vast majority of children... You guys can make up your own minds...
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