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Pursuing a second MS immediatly after first MS

  1. Jun 4, 2012 #1
    Hi all

    From an admission standpoint is pursuing multiple MS in engineering frowned upon. I am currently enrolled in a NE MS program and I want to pursue an ME masters and possibly a PhD at a different institution. I was wondering if having an MS helps or hurts from an admissions standpoint.
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    in general one is tempted to ask why you keep "dancing around the fire" instead of getting to work.
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    the first one is a work obligation so I have virtually no flexiblity in terms of institution and type. I need the moeny and its free so i feel I have to pursue it.

    The second one I am looking to go big time in terms of institution brand and more of what I truly want to do long term

    I know I cannot say this on my apps but its the truth
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