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Q: Flange PN size selecion (BS EN 1092-1)

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    Q: Flange "PN" size selecion (BS EN 1092-1)

    Hi, everyone,

    I have som question about Flange thickness selection.

    According to BS EN 1092-1 , there are several kind of flange thickness for same section (PN 10,40, etc)

    I wonder how could I decided which thickness (PN) of flange should be used rather then wild guess. (please provide refer. book/equation if possible)

    water pressure?

    Thanks for your kind help. ^0^
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    Re: Q: Flange "PN" size selecion (BS EN 1092-1)

    In the US, there are specific codes that allow you to size the flange required based on pressure, temperature and material used. For example, ASME B16.5 covers pipe flanges and flanged fittings. I would assume the same thing exists in European specs, I just don't know what that is.
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    Re: Q: Flange "PN" size selecion (BS EN 1092-1)

    Dear Brother FredGarvin,
    I have just read the ASME B16.5 code, but I found that there is only size for the flange. Could you specify the page that reveal the calculation??

    Thanks for your kind help.
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