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Quantum mechanical resistivity

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    Q: What is the quantum mechanical expression for resistivity of Plasma?
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    Are you talking about the inverse of Hall conductivity?

    I know that the Hall parameter β beta in a plasma is the ratio between the electron gyrofrequency Ωe and the electron-heavy particle collision frequency ν:

    β beta = Omega_e / nu = e * B / (m_e nu)


    e is the electron charge (1.6 × 10-19 coulomb)
    B is the magnetic field (in teslas)
    m_e is the electron mass (0.9 × 10-30 kg).

    Does that help?
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    I want to know the expression of Ohm's law at the level of quantum mechanics, ie. in expression of resistivity of Plasma there must be a h (Plank constant).
    What will be the expression of row ( resistivity) of Plasma in terms of h ( Plank constant)?
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