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Quantum Mechanics documentaries

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    Hello everyone,

    In the last couple of weeks I've been watching documentaries and reading about Quantum Mechanics and it simply blew my mind away.
    The thing is, I'm taking Quantum Mechanics 1 next semester (March) but I feel like I want to somewhat prepare myself to it since I heard it could be a complete slap in the face when it's first taught.
    I could really use some advice from you guys on how to prepare myself gradually. I want to know some basic concepts and understandings and to implant them in my head while enjoying every bit of it.
    Please, list some good books, websites and anything that comes up to your mind that could be helpful.

    Thanks and happy holidays!
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    First piece of advice ... do NOT take seriously anything you see on television. They sometimes get things right but they get so much wrong that you'll never know which is which until you actually study the subject.
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